Cozy Weekends

Part two of my collaboration with Justine, Kelsee and Meaghan.

I am a summer-hot-weather girl at heart but I can't deny that fall and winter are coming. 
The heat may be back this week but once it gets cold, Jeff and I will be enjoying mornings like this again. And yes, that's actually hot chocolate in his cup. 

See more photos here


Breakfast in Bed

I can't believe I haven't shared this fun project yet! I worked with Justine Miller and Kelsee from Ivy and Gold Photography to style a fun cozy morning for me and Jeff. Talented makeup artist, Meaghan Levy gave me an "I woke up like this" glow. Jeff was a mostly willing participant and I am so glad he agreed because I love these photos of us. I know everyone loves the weekend but I really love the weekend. Unless we have plans, we usually sleep in, sometimes we visit the Saturday Market, and there is always coffee. 
I'll share part two tomorrow.

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