Lush Nordstrom Shirt
J.Crew factory pants {similar}
Madewell Kensington Satchel
Ecote Urban Outfitters hat
CaitLizLee rings

I love wearing comfy pants that also look professional. 
I can't wear distressed denim to work so I wear these, I have them in at least 4 colors. 
It's all I want to wear until it's officially maxi weather. 


Summer Vacation


Old Navy jean jacket
Target crop top
H&M midi skirt {similar, similar}

It's been busy over here, but I had a free weekend so I finally got a chance to blog a bit. 
I love that the weather is slowly getting warmer and we are having more sunny days. 
Speaking of warm and sunny days, Jeff and I booked a trip to Southern California this summer! 
I can't wait to soak up the sun in LA and Palm Springs. I have a laundry list of places I want to go, but I always love suggestions. 
Happy Monday.

Thanks to Justine for these photos

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