I put this jacket on my holiday wishlist merely as a dream. Then I found it on sale at the J.Crew outlet, half off sale items, and 20% off everything. So pretty much got a steal of a deal and all my dreams came true. It is SO warm and cozy and comfy and lovely. Did I mention there was only one left in the store and it was my size? Ok. 
Also that scarf was a gift from my lovely future sister in law, Bree. Did she get it right or what? I am obsessed with mustard right now. 


  1. You and that jacket are meant to be! I'm not gonna lie, i'm kinda obsessed with it.

  2. I LOVE your scarf - and the jacket is wonderful. Just started following you and look forward to seeing more!

  3. The scarf was Bree?? NICE. Lucky you, she'll be around permanently to continue to give amazing gifts. Didn't she do the glitter iphone case, too? Sheesh does Dave know how to pick 'em or what!


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