Bon Voyage Best Friends.

Photo from Abby

I have two very best friends. Liz & Abby. The three of us were voted Attached at The Hip our senior year of high school. We all decided to go to different colleges and that was great but in the last year we all moved a lot closer.

While I went to Eugene for school, Abby went to Seattle and Liz stayed in Salem. Fast forward to Junior year when Liz and I studied abroad in London, England while Abby studied in Lyon, France. After coming home I decided to take a year off and live in Salem with Liz. A year after that I moved to Portland to finish school and Abby moved home to Portland to live at her parents.

So after living with Liz for a year and then living in the same city as Abby the next year, they are both moving!

Liz got married and is moving to Bend with her husband so he can finish school.

Abby is moving to Paris, France to teach English for a year.

I will miss having them so close but obviously I am psyched out of my mind for both Liz and Abby to start these new adventures! I can't wait to visit both of them... Liz sooner than Abby, but cross your fingers that I get to visit Abby this spring.

Keep up with Abby's adventures here and I'm sure once Liz moves to Bend she will start a blog too..

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  1. I love you! Why are you so good to me? Miss you already, puhleeeeeeeze come visit.


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