Pizza at Due

Chicago was amazing! This was my first time and I hope I can go again soon for a longer stay. I went to Chicago with my dad on our way to Florida. He has a friend who lives there and he was our wonderful tour guide for the 1.5 days. 

We stayed in a hotel in Evanston, which is about 30 minutes outside Chicago. Without even planning to be in the same town as Northwestern, it just so happens that one of my very dear camp friends just started her freshman year at Northwestern! So I got to see her in her new (amazing) town. It was so good to see her loving it and doing so well. 

The city was beyond amazing. I loved seeing the old buildings and the new stores such as my Euro faves, Zara, Top Shop and All Saints. 

It was the most beautiful day to walk around the city and see the library, the river, the bean, the art institute, and the buckingham fountain. We saw a lot but I can't wait to get back there sometime. 

ps. Jeff suggested I name this blog post chic{ago}. pretty good huh? 

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