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Bonnie and Me

I really didn't take many photos in Florida. It was beastly hot, so humid. When we go to Florida it is to see my Grandma Edythe, my dad's mom. So we aren't there to see the sights or go anywhere new or crazy. If you know me, you know Florida isn't one of my favorite places, I go for my family and to see more family.
Usually we have the morning to do what we want and then we go see Grandma in the afternoon to have dinner with her. So we went to Mizner Park, the Boca Raton Museum of Art, tried to go to the Norton Museum of Art but it was closed, Delray Beach, visited my cousin Dennis on his ranch, ate a lot of bagels, and I did some shopping. The one day I decided I would go in the pool there was a thunderstorm. Standard Florida.

Les and Bonnie met us there, which is always nice to see them. They live in Great Neck, New York. I'd say they are the closest thing my dad has to siblings, and they are like another aunt and uncle to me. They are so amazing and I wish I saw them more. It's tough when you're on opposite coasts! 

Les is wonderful. He is smart and funny and very kind. When he and my dad are together, they are like 13 year old boys. All they do is crack jokes and look at each other and  crack up. I mostly just roll my eyes. Don't even think about getting anything serious done when my brother is with them too. 

Bonnie is so amazing, she is so strong, smart, stylish, and beautiful! She's always been gorgeous and I hope I look as good as she does when I get older. I mean looking at those pictures of her and me you would not believe how old she is! She takes care of everyone around her, travels, volunteers, and she is always available for a good chat about life. I love being with Les, Bonnie, my dad, and grandma because they always tell stories of when they all lived in New York. One of the highlights for me was listening to Bonnie talk about her time on 'The Stage'. She was an actress for a while before she decided to teach acting. One of her best moments was when she starred in a Tennessee Williams play and Tennessee came to the show. And obviously loved her performance! 

I've always admired Les and Bonnie's relationship. They met at camp, which I absolutely love. They just celebrated their 50th anniversary and are still so kind and loving to each other. 

I am always glad to come home from Florida. I love living in Oregon. It was a great trip with my dad. We went to New York and Boston last year around this time so I will take it upon myself to make sure we continue this father daughter yearly trip. Maybe next year will be Mt. Rushmore?

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