Pendleton: The Portland Collection

Growing up my parents absolutely loved (and still love) Pendleton blankets. Since it was something my parents liked, I obviously thought it was weird and avoided it at all costs (like Bob Dylan and who knows what else). Since I can agree that my dad was right about Bob Dylan I can agree that they were right about Pendleton blankets. They are gorgeous and incredibly warm. But all I knew about them was blankets and jackets that look like blankets. That was until Thursday night. 

At Portland's Fashion’s Night Out they debuted their Portland Collection, which was very fun to see. 

I also found a video by Chris Hornbecker detailing the process of The Portland Collection with many local designers. Another cool thing about this video is the music is by Typhoon, a local to Salem band!

The Portland Collection has been getting a lot of press too. The LA Times did a feature and InStyle gave them a shoutout as well. 

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