Shirt: Banana Republic, Pants: Juicy Couture, Shoes: Steve Madden, Necklace: Urban Outfitters, Watch: Target

I wore this to a meeting recently and it got me thinking about professionalism and style. Rules I use for myself when getting dressed for an interview/meeting with potential professional co-workers:

1. Pants, be it slacks or cropped. This breaks my heart a little bit since I live in dresses but for my potential line of work (social work) pants are the best choice for the first meeting.

2. Button up shirt, buttoned ALL the way up. No need to have any risk of showing too much skin or fidgeting with a shirt. And I always tuck my shirt in. 

3. Flats. This is also tough for me, but I figure I can always dress up more once I get the job or internship.

4. Hair back. Again, this was tough since I have long bangs (that need a trim desperately) but that way I am not touching my hair or playing with it and my face is the focus.

5. Less jewelry than usual. I do this so my jewelry isn't distracting, even though sometimes it's a good conversation starter. Stick with classic pieces but always remember...

6. Stay classy and keep a little bit of personal style. This day my little bit of personal style was my necklace. It was subtle, not too flashy, and added to my menswear inspired look, kind of like a tie. 

One last note. Once you get the job or internship, even if everyone in the office is wearing jeans, that doesn't mean you have to. Same for going to school. Just because everyone is wearing sweats and uggs, does NOT mean you have to as well. My philosophy is I'd rather be overdressed than underdressed. 

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