Side Table Re-Do

Earlier this summer my Aunt picked up this side table for me at a free garage sale. I was thrilled when I realized it looks like a side table I already have in my room. It just needed some tough love, white paint, and new knobs. 
My aunt helped me get rid of the top layer that was water damaged. That took the most time because we sat there sanding, scraping, and picking it off. Luckily we only had to do that to the very top of the cupboard. Then we painted a couple layers of white paint and I added two adorable knobs from Anthro. 

 Now it fits right in!
This is the original side table I have next to my bed. I purchased this about five years ago from a woman on Craigslist. This is how it looked when I bought it; shabby chic and an Anthro looking knob.

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