Vintage flea market

Started the day with my mom at Starbucks. Did not get a Pumpkin Spice Latte, still avoiding the fact that it is getting to be the cold and rainy season again. Even though I did get a hot drink (which chocolate mocha) I'm still not ready for Pumpkin Spice and everything fall. Don't judge me. 
lipstick: Revlon Fuschia Fever

Antique Vintage Flea Market at Deepwood in Salem!

My mom bought me this necklace!
Choosing Kate's senior photos...not easy.

Hydrangea picking

Me and my cute mom!

Finished the day at fro-yo with Kate. It had been a few weeks since I have seen my family and today was so fun. The Vintage Flea Market was wonderful, very glad I went to Salem for it. My mom and I got to spend some quality time together while running a ton of errands and going to the flea market. I'm glad I could help with choosing Kate's yearbook photo and we had a short but good amount of time together before I left. And it's always good to see my dad, but today was a girl day.


  1. I desperately wish I could've gone to this! RERoost is my FAV! Looks like you had a really great day :]

  2. Your mom is so chic!


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