Ah Pumpkins

This weekend Jeff, Kristen, Amelia and I went to Sauvie Island for some pumpkin hunting. We all bought a livingsocial coupon for the trip and were excited at the promise of roasted corn, a caramel apple, corn maze, and a pumpkin up to 25 pounds each. Most of us hadn't been out to Sauvie Island, and let me tell you, I am ready to go back immediately. Kristen is ready to retire there.

There was a big deal made about finding rain boots, didn't happen, and even though it was a beautiful sunny fall day, I just couldn't handle the mud paths in the maze. So I walked around the farm taking pictures while Jeff, Kristen and Amelia made it to the middle of the maze. I felt good about my decision. We ended up being at the farm for most of the day, there was just so much to do!

Beer Bus

Kristen in a nutshell

White pumpkin of course.

Then our camp friend Kyle (Falafel) stopped by with his Fiance, Kristen!

Yes they are impressive! Can't wait for the wedding!


  1. FUN! And, you're so beautiful! This makes me want to go to Sauvie Island to look for pumpkins, maybe I'll have to check out their pumpkin patch this weekend. Do you recommend it?!

  2. I definitely recommend it Molls! If you go, make sure you bring/wear rainboots or boots you don't care about getting caked in mud! We were seriously there for like 4 hours because there is so much to do. There is a cute little portland style food cart food court with wood fired pizzas, sausages, a beer bus, lots of yummy food. Also the best pumpkin picking patch is up the road, so take the cute hay ride over there and find some white pumpkins hidden in the back! Also behind the barn there is a cute area, perfect for a wedding or a summer party :o)


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