Grandpa's Dinner Parties

Since I moved to Portland a year ago I've been coming to my grandparent's house for dinner once a week give or take a few weeks. My Auntie and cousin Cole come down the street for dinner as well. Since Jeff moved to Portland he has been inducted into Grandpa's Dinner Parties. My uncle started joining us as well recently. It is so wonderful to have my grandparents and aunt, uncle, and cole so close. There's a reason I've never lived farther than an hour from my parents (besides London, and I had my bff with me). I love being able to see my Portland fam more often now that we all live in the same city. When I lived in Salem or Eugene I would only see them for Thanksgiving, Christmas and occasionally other times during the year. Now I get to hear even more stories (and if you've ever met my grandpa, you know he's got a million) and hear about the day to day stuff. It's also awesome getting to see Cole grow up. He's in 3rd grade now. I was working on his school last year and seeing him once a week for dinner.

Recently, while inducting my uncle into the weekly dinner club, my grandpa dubbed them 'Grandpa's Dinner Club' and we all looked at each other like, when did we decide that? Well no one else had taken credit for it so why not? So there it is. We always have amazing food made by my grandma, I should really be taking notes. We always eat way too much, or at least I do. There is always dessert. We always end up telling funny stories. Kate came to a few during the summer and Abby joined me once last year. I love that Jeff is able to come with me now. Since my grandpa was a fifth grade teacher he loves talking to Jeff about his student teaching. It's fun watching them get to know each other better since they are two very important men in my life. I've learned so much from my grandparents and aunt over the last year, I am so grateful for our dinners. 

 Appetizers to prevent a hunger meltdown
 Grandparents and Jeff

 French dip, mashed potatoes, apple and squash mix
 Grandpa, Cole, Auntie Lynn
 Uncle Kevin, Grandma
 Grandma, Jeff


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