Homecoming 2011

Sprague Homecoming Court Assembly 2011
Kate and her escort, John
Brooke (kate's best friend) and her escort, her boyfriend, Jackson

Homecoming Court 2011
Kate and John
John is the youngest brother in his family, I went to high school with his older brother, Ryan, and his older sister, Caitlin. Such a sweet family!

Mom, Me, Kate, Dad

Love the grey, sequin, lace combo
Kristin, Kate, Me
Kristin, Brooke, Kate, Me
So fun that Kristin was there watching as well! I went to high school with Kristin, we were both very involved in ASB and she is one of Liz's best friends as well! We also share a common love of stripes, sparkly things (I'm loving her gold striped shirt!), coffee, watches, and many other pretty girly things. She is dating Brooke's boyfriend's brother so she was there to support Brooke, so sweet!

The MC, or Ringleader, and Kate
Mom and Kate

It was so fun to go to Kate's Homecoming assembly. When I was in high school, assemblies were my specialty and I especially loved the court assemblies. Kate is involved in ASB also, so she was planning the assembly and a senior class princess (just like me, my senior year). The assembly was awesome, complete with a uni-cycler! I also happen to think she rocked that sequin dress. That's my girl! 
Sadly I didn't get very good photos at the halftime show because of rain and I didn't take any photos of Kate's homecoming group before the dance. 

The theme was Run Away and Join the Circus. Such a fun theme! Could be fun for a party sometime.

Kate's dress can be purchased here: Lulus.com


  1. She is so darling! Seriously, no one's hair is that long and gorgeous.

  2. What a fun sparkly dress! And adorable family!!

    I answered your ? on my blog about my silver glitter color, but am never quite sure if people see those or not! Haha. But it was just silver glitter from Forever 21 :) Hope you had a fun weekend!!


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