Ice cream sandwiches

The best thing to do is make the sandwich when the cookies are still warm. Also shave the ice cream into thin strips so it's easier to hold without squishing the warm cookie. I also like to make the cookies little. I know this is more of a summer treat, but it's my favorite and so easy. Don't let anyone tell you these aren't home made ice cream sandwiches just because you didn't churn the ice cream yourself or made the cookies from a mix. 

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  1. Hey Sam!

    You got it! I'll put your name on the e-mail list for the next get together. Maybe reply to this comment or shoot me an e-mail (sara@glitterandgrace.com) cuz I couldn't find yours anywhere for some reason. Glad you found me, your blog is great! Love meeting fellow Portland bloggers :) Excited to follow along!



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