More about my weekend

This weekend I hung out with my friend Leslie. We had dinner and went downtown. She tried on leather jackets, among other things. Black Jacket at Forever 21 pictured, same as my brown one. I bought the gold clutch and gold nail polish at H&M. I am going through a pretty strong gold phase right now. 
PS. Leslie has a famous (and adorable/hilarious) twitter, which will soon be turned into a book! Friend bragging rights. Follow her here: http://twitter.com/preschoolgems

A new Black Rock Coffee Bar opened in Beaverton, which meant free coffee all day on Friday! I just really love Black Rock, ok? Blended Caramel Blondie is my favorite Black Rock drink in case anyone ever needs to know. 

On Sunday I went to see Holly, Abby's mom, because she was getting rid of some clothes. She gave me these three skirts, pretty fab! Thanks Holly! My mom picked up these Missoni for Target rain boots for me. I ripped holes in my last pair of rain boots and never replaced them, so these are amazing!!

My dad bought me some apple cider donuts and my mom bought me a package of apple cider drink mix. Thanks mom and dad, yum!

I had such a great weekend! I saw a ton of friends, got totally spoiled from my parents and Holly, and I really took advantage of the two days off from school. 


  1. Must give credit to Melanie for fab skirt hand-me-downs!
    And love the boots!

  2. Love the boots!! I have never tried apple cider doughnuts?! That sounds so so delicious!!!

    xoxo Denise


  3. Looks like a great weekend babe! Glad you got some of your fav Black Rock. I'm loving on gold right now too! So fab. Love you/miss you.


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