National Coffee Day Date

On Thursday it was National Coffee Day. 
Luckily I had plans with two of my favorite girls from camp! 

These girls (and many not pictured) are my camp family and they keep me sane during summers at camp. This summer by many turns of fate, none of us, or even Jeff, worked at camp all summer. We all agreed it was torture not being at camp all summer and promised to be at camp next summer. Well I don't know if it's for sure on my end but in a perfect world..

This is us at camp. One of my favorite summers was when Amanda (Zen) and I (Pancakes) were counselors, Becca (Tazo) was a unit aide, and Jeff (Milk Dud) was our supervisor, Unit Director, all in the unit Hillside. This was also the year Jeff and I fell in love but not until he wasn't my supervisor anymore, don't worry. Fashion is also important to us, which we try to incorporate into our daily camp lives.. just because we're at camp doesn't mean we can't wear skirts and dresses. I just so happened to pick a bunch of camp photos where we look extra campy.

 This matching outfits thing happens a lot at camp. And hopefully this is the only time you see me in sweatpants and no make up.
Camp Prom 2009
 My 22nd Birthday on the left and one of our last campfires at camp in 2010.. again, matching. 
 As horse camp counselors, we are not fans of horses, but pretend to love them.
 In front of my painted heart rock on the side of the Admin Building
2010, me, Amanda, Becca
 We like to call this 'Hipster Friday'
 One of my favorite hugging pictures! 
Zen, Tazo, Barnacle, Pancakes

Here is us on a regular day! Chai instead of coffee, but don't judge us.

After coffee (chai) and after Jeff went to class we walked to NW 23rd for some shopping. None of us bought anything in Urban, something very out of character and something to be proud of. I did however buy a high/low skirt at Sloan Boutique, one of my favorite boutiques on the street, and I am so excited to snap some photos soon!

After shopping we had some dinner at Elephants Deli, another favorite place of mine. Often when we meet in Salem we almost always go to Wild Pear and order the Wild Pear Chicken Salad, carrot orange ginger soup, sweet potato fries and a lemonade... or something like that. So Elephants reminds me of Wild Pear and it never disappoints. Like earlier, we all got the same drink.

Classic P.Cakes, Tazo, Zen date.

One last thing, recently another camp co-worker, who has a daughter, posted a status that about melted my heart of happiness:
Had a small argument with Makenna about what to wear to school. Her vote was scrappy shorts/shirt. My vote was a nice shirt and skirt. I was able to convince her there was nothing wrong with dressing in a nice way because I used Becca Wallace, Sam Rosen and Amanda Hampton as examples. Thanks ladies for being such great role models both in and out of camp. :)

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  1. YAY! National Coffee Day! My fav holiday :] Glad you celebrated in good company and style!


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