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Exciting things of note:

My sister is on Homecoming Court! She is following in mine and my brother's footsteps but hopefully she will be Queen!

I am going to Salem this weekend to visit Liz and have lunch with Meg. I miss them!

I found out about Portland Fashion week this week.. um a little late. How did I not know about this?? Only in Portland would they have a whole day dedicated to athletic wear. I might try to go this weekend but I might wait until next year just because it is all very rushed now.

Got a pair of Missoni for Target heels. It's a miracle I found anything since I went about three weeks after it's debut! All that was left was those heels, little girl flats, some frames, and a few pairs of rainboots. I'm already wishing I had bought the boots as well. Ok that is something that already happened but the photos are coming up soon.

I was offered this great opportunity this week and I am really excited to share more once I get started! Until then here is a small hint.

(this adorable sign is from Megan Shaw's wedding, fabulous wedding, still have a lot of photos to share from it)

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  1. AWWW, ok but where are the YouTube Videos?


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