Sister time part 1

 Shirt: Gap, Jeans: H&M, Belt: Old Navy, Shoes: Primark in London

On Friday my sister came up to Portland and we did some shopping, bought matching leather jackets, and took some photos. I asked her to bring up her red pants so I could highlight the colored jeans trend, and seriously, how amazing does she look?? I've had this outfit in my head for a while and since she had the red jeans and cheetah print shoes, I just added the belt and shirt!


  1. Love the red pants paired with cheetah print loafers ;))

  2. Love your red pants and leopard shoes! I am wearing my leopard flats today too!!!

    I got your blog address from the Portland blogger list that Sara sent out and wanted to say hello since I am from Portland too!!!

    Keep in touch!

    XoXo - Denise

    PS: I am having a vintage jewelry/antique giveaway on my blog if you'd like to enter!!!



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