Studio 52

One of my favorite days in London was spent with Liz, Melissa, and Emily (that should be no surprise, since I spent every day in London with them) at Studio 52. We bought a photo package and had no idea it would be as much fun as it was. We hauled about half our belongings into Central London, where we were served mimosas, had our hair, make up, and nails done. We all enjoyed multiple outfit changes and getting our photos on a CD before we left that day.

I love these photos because they are fabulous but they also remind me of my amazing experience in London with my Northwick Park Girls.

We had plans to go to Paris the next day so I slept as still as possible and was able to preserve my fabulous hairdo all through the weekend in Paris. This hairdo was my inspiration for my hair for Liz's wedding. 





More photos of Me and Liz

I'm wearing a strapless dress, promise. 
look behind Liz, you'll find Marilyn

I think we can all agree I have gorgeous friends.


  1. Love the one of Liz with Marilyn in the back, perfection. Leve them all.

  2. One of Liz's shots is on their website in the gallery! Just in case you didn't already know.


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