Wedding & Zombies

 Jacket: F21, Dress: H&M, Belt: Old Navy, Shoes: Urban Outfitters, Clutch: TJ Maxx, Necklace: flea market, Bracelets: thrifted & F21, Watch: Target

Blair, Me, Meg at our friend Ross's wedding. 

Nat & Meg

Their cake topper!
My weekend consisted of going to my friend Ross's wedding in Salem. Jeff and I went with my friends Meg, Nat, and Blair. The reception was at the beautiful Reed Opera House. We stopped by Meg and Nat's new apartment right across the street from The Reed Opera House. It is such a wonderful apartment in downtown Salem! It's spacious, beautiful modern apartment with a fabulous exposed brick wall. Since it was so close to everything, we walked to the church and back to the reception. 

After the wedding, (actually we had to leave before the bride and groom even showed up to the reception, sad, but they were a beautiful couple!) We met up with Jeff's Aunt & Uncle who were in town from California. Jeff's dad, sister, her boyfriend, brother, and his fiance were all there too. We had a great time at dinner. I loved getting to meet his aunt and uncle for the first time. 
George, Becca, Jeff, Me, Tim, Kaylee, Randy, Patty

On Sunday Jeff and I went downtown to cheer on our friends Amelia and Jeremiah who ran the 10K in the Run Like Hell, Zombie race!
Hipster zombies

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