Weekend love

This weekend I went to Salem. 
Had lunch at Wild Pear with Liz and Meg. 
Forgot to take a picture at lunch. 
Too busy catching up and eating my favorite coconut curry butternut squash soup.
Shopped at TJ Maxx. 
Bought a pair of 'winter wedges' as I like to call them. 
Stopped in at Nordstrom and Target. 
Somehow by some miracle got out of both stores with only making returns. 
Split a 24 oz blended Caramel Blondie from Black Rock with Liz cause it was WARM out. 
Shopped at Old Navy. 
Bought a whole new outfit plus some. 
Renewed respect for Old Navy. 
Dinner with Mom and Dad at Love Love Teriyaki.
Back to Portland.

Sunday. Heart Waffle brunch catch up with Emily. 
More heart waffles with Amy and Ashley.
Hangout with Jeff, he made me lunch and dinner and watched some Modern Family and then somehow he agreed to watch almost all of Sunday's Kim's Fairytale Wedding special. 

Pepsi in a glass bottle: Love. Coffee from Amz and Ashley: Love. 


  1. Looks like you had a great weekend! I love that photo of you and Liz! You both look so beautiful & I love both of your outfits! :]

  2. I love everything about you and your life


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