Best Friend Weekend in Bend

Pumpkin dip!

the adorable 'travel room' I stayed in at the Poole's condo

The Poole's beautiful bed! 

A gift I made for Liz a few years ago :)
Look familiar? Liz gave me my jewelry stand, so yes, we have the same one!
Let's just say, she is a statement necklace woman.
Love it.

This was the first time I came to Bend to visit her and Brent in their adorable condo, hence all the room photos. Plus, I know people who love Liz and Brent will appreciate seeing these!

Me and Liz, both wearing chambray & buns. Best friends? Yeah.
Liz and her cute husband Brent!
Spring Salad yum
Mac&Cheese and Pepperoni Pizza
Bundled for First Friday Art Walk in Downtown Bend

::Instagrammed weekend::

I think the photos speak for themselves here so I won't say too much. I had the best weekend with my best friend Liz. It is really funny (not funny at all) that we both were in long distance relationships for almost 2 years, within the last 6 months Liz got married and moved to Bend to live with her husband, while my boyfriend, Jeff, moved to Portland for school and to be closer to me, now Liz and I are in the long distance relationship. and it still sucks! I miss her so much! 

She's my girl soulmate. She gets me. We have the best time together and we know everything about each other, so it's easy to look at each other and know exactly what the other is thinking, good and bad. If we go a few weeks without seeing each other we both start to go a little crazy. This weekend was so needed and so wonderful. I love you darling best friend!! I had such a great time seeing how Liz is living in Bend, it was hard to leave! I feel like this post doesn't even do justice how awesome our weekend was, but oh well! 

I love that Starbucks cup with the quote about rediscovering why we're best friends. And don't our nails look awesome?

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  1. the two of you are the cutest best friends in the world :)

  2. Looks like you had SO much fun! Your nails are too cute!!

  3. Where did she get that clock pillow? I want/need. Oh, and you two are gorgeous.

  4. The clock pillow is from TJ Maxx, so amazing! I want/need everything in their rooms. that ruffle bedspread! From Urban Outfitters fyi.

  5. oh my goodness, that weekend looks divine! just stumbled on your blog...yay Portland:-) xoxo


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