Last Weekend

I've been having some majorly filled with amazingness weekends lately. I also have a couple amazing weekends to look forward to!

This last weekend I went to Kate's Homecoming Festivities, here are some more phone photos.

I went to a fabulous garage sale thrown by my best friend Abby's Mom, Holly. I also went to Aunt Bee's Farmhouse Show at The Turner Tabernacle with my mom. I found some real treasures! I tried to be very selective with what I chose to buy, so I didn't come home with a bunch of stuff, just stuff I love. I'll post my purchases soon. And remember, I bought these last weekend so it wasn't November yet!


I helped my mom put up a super cute decal in her new office. So easy!

My mom, sister and I got manicures/pedicures. Well my mom got a pedicure while Kate and I got manicured. Kate chose Turquoise & Caicos by Essie, my mom chose a beautiful fall brownish color and I chose OPI Ate Berries in Canaries. Later I added Milani Gold Jewel FX to my ring fingers.

I also went to a new Creperie place in Downtown Salem with my mom and dad to continue celebrating my Dad's birthday. It's a fabulous little place, that expanded into a bigger area in the ground floor of the Reed Opera House. So fun to try a new place in Salem! Sometimes I feel like I know and have tried all the best places there, so a new one is a nice surprise.

Nutella Crepe
Also, last week we all met my Aunt/Uncle/Cousin's new puppy Lucy!!! She looks like a big (little) fluff ball in these pics, and she is. I can't wait to hang out with her again!

I'm already looking forward to the upcoming weekend!

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  1. Looks like such an amazing weekend! I wanted to go to the Turner Tabernacle show so bad---looks like there were multiple treasures!


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