Old Navy for Men (Jeff)

Last weekend Jeff and I, and our friends Leslie, Chris, and Kristen went to Old Navy to do some shopping. It was mostly for the guys to use our Old Navy cash since most of us girls aren't shopping during November. Our secret plan (not really a secret) was to get Jeff and Chris matching outfits. My secret secret plan was to convince Jeff to buy a chambray shirt. Let's just say, secret plan and secret secret plan accomplished! 
I'll try and get a photo with Jeff and Chris in the same shirt. And then I'll be borrowing Jeff's shirt.. it's just great. I love being able to share clothes with my boyfriend.

I haven't written about men's fashion on my blog before, but let's be clear, I love it. When Jeff and I started dating, he wasn't exactly 'into' fashion like I am. I took that and ran with it. I knew he loved his cargo shorts and running shoes but I had different ideas. Soon I figured out the secret to getting him to wear what I want him to wear. It has to be comfortable. That's it! When I can show him something fashionable can also be comfortable, he will consider it. That is how I managed to convince him to buy skinny jeans, plaid shirts, Vans, Sperry's, desert boots, sweaters, dress pants, and now a chambray shirt. 

Jeff's purchases at Old Navy:
Old Navy Men's Chambray
He actually bought a slightly nicer shirt than this, but it wasn't on the website.
Slim Dark Wash Jeans

He also bought a pair of plaid shorts on clearance, not pictured.

Still on (my) wishlist for Jeff
Men's Tweed Dress Pants
Men's Striped Cardigan
He tried both the tweed pants and a solid colored cardigan on, but decided to wait on both. 

Men's Wool-Blend Toggle Coat
This jacket is simply a pipe dream. It is gorgeous in person!


  1. Sam, you are flipping so funny and cute. I also would like to meet your boyfriend (Jeff)! What a great idea to share a chambray shirt btw. love it. miss. you.

  2. Old Navy for men is killing me these days! Such great stuff! I might have to buy Brad that striped cardigan... Our men might be twins :]


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