Plan Accordingly

I'm obsessed with my planner. I love planning things and I love making lists, therefore I love my planner! Last year I found an amazing Purple Gallery Leather planner with gold edged pages on sale at TJ Maxx, about halfway through the year. I was so in love, I agreed to switch part way through the year.

 This year, I might just ask for a full price, color of choice, monogrammed Gallery Leather planner for the holidays. 

I am inspired by this lovely lady to request a green planner.

Green isn't usually a normal color for me, but this just looks so rich and lovely. Her planner actually is rich and much more expensive, but none the less lovely. It is a Graphic Image crocodile embossed leather planner. 

Like she says in the article, "I would lose my head if I didn't have this."

PS. I almost named my blog 'Plan Accordingly' because I love planning and organizing so much.

In my planner for this weekend?? Hopefully (weather permitting, crossing my fingers SO hard) going to Bend to see my best friend Liz! I am so excited, I have so much for us to do. Mostly things like have coffee, sit around and soak up each other's awesomeness, not go shopping, nails, and lots of DIYs.
Please mother nature, let me get over to Bend!!!

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