Pleat Week Day 4

Shirt & Belt: Old Navy, Skirt: gift Edme & Esyllte, Scarf: Rubbish BP Nordstrom, Shoes: Steve Madden, Tights: Hue

what you can't see is that even the lining of the skirt is super cute. navy blue with brown scalloped edges.

This lovely pleated skirt is relatively new to me. I mentioned it in this post. It's from Holly, Abby's mom. Thanks again Holly (and Melanie)! It's so comfy and so different from my other pleated skirts. I love this pattern and if someone else hadn't given it to me, I might have passed it up in the store! I am not used to such a bold pattern, but now that I have it, I love it! I had fun pairing it with the polka dots. This is my last pleat week post! I am always on the look out for new pleats (in December of course..) so feel free to share any good finds!

I am really excited that Jeff and I have today off! Between school for both of us, Jeff student teaching, and my internship, it's rare that we have a day off together! We are going to Silverton to check out The Gordon House designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. It's one of those things I've known about forever and never seen, but today is the day! Sometimes I like to be a tourist in my own state. This summer Jeff and I did a lot of touristy things in Portland. Someday I will post photos from my summer.. best summer ever. Anyway..

We also have plans to visit a camp friend in Corvallis on Saturday. I always have the best weekends so I am just so excited to have a three days! 
I'll be instagramming all weekend (my new love). Follow me Samantharosen5.

PS. Happy Veteran's Day! Thank you so much to my Grandpa and Uncle who are both veterans. True heroes, true diamonds among gems. I love you! Thank you to all Veteran's!

 PS+. It's 11/11/11. Pretty cool. Enough said. Yes I'll be wishing at 11:11am&pm extra hard. 

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