Thanksgiving 2011

Sweater: H&M, Grey shirt: BP Nordstrom, Button up Shirt, Shorts, Socks: Target,
Boots: Steve Madden
Ring: F21, Lips: Revlon Orange Flip

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Well, besides Valentine's Day. The important thing on Thanksgiving is to be comfortable so you can eat as much as possible. Big comfy sweater and loose shorts worked for me yesterday as I tackled two dinners. Thanks to Jeff's family for making yesterday full of food and giving thanks! Soon, I'm heading over to my grandparents for the Rosen-Updegraff-McPhail feast tonight. I'm grateful to my family for being willing to have out thanksgiving on Friday so Jeff and I didn't have to do 3 dinners in one day. We did it last year and we can definitely do it.. (I was made for this kind of holiday) but it's just nice to spend it over two days.

This weekend is my sister's Black&Gold 18th Birthday! I'm also looking forward to seeing best friends in Salem and working on a project on Sunday. 

Ps. Groupon has a sweet deal for Old Navy lovers!! $10 for $20! 

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