This weekend I Thrifted

Jentine of My Edit has a weekly feature called 'This week I thrifted'. She is a fabulous 'thrifter' with great taste and knowledge about thrifting. I thrifted some fun things this weekend and thought I'd share. This is my spin on the weekly thrift. 
A handmade quilt, a large ball jar, and a mirror for armoire. All from Holly's garage sale.

It seems weird to have coffee as something I thrifted but it was $2 grande fall drinks at Starbucks in Safeway for club card members. I love a good deal on coffee.

A vintage skirt pattern, I hope to make/ask for help from my grandma! A beautifully beaded clutch. Both from Aunt Bee's Farmhouse Show as seen in my post about last weekend. 

Ok, again, not really thrifted since these three items are from Old Navy. But.... they were a super amazing deal! All clearance items were 30% off, and then if you used a Old Navy card, you got another 30% off. So in total, rainboots, black boots, and a fab cheetah shirt, it was around $30. Yeah, pretty satisfied with that. These are the last items purchased in October! 

Read about how another Portland Blogger, Sara, has a renewed love for Old Navy as well! She even bought that same shirt. I'm loving those pink cuffed dress pants she featured... Maybe in December I'll think about them! I think we can all agree Old Navy is back, in a big, fabulous, fashionable way. 

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  1. Yay for Old Navy! Love your picks! I couldn't decide between that color shirt or the one I got. Thanks for the shout out, glad you had some good finds :)


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