Big Pink Sightseeing Tour

I am super busy this week so forgive me for not posting about current events. Just keep in mind I am working all day and then having awesome evenings with friends at holiday parties, relaxing, and doing other fun stuff that I will eventually blog about (hopefully next week on my week off). for now, please enjoy some things I did this summer!

Another Portland Touristy thing! 

This summer Jeff bought a Living Social for a Big Pink Sightseeing tour of Portland. This was really fun! It took us all over from downtown, through Goose Hollow, through the Rose Garden, Japanese Gardens, the Zoo, NW 23rd, The Pearl, and over to OMSI. It was so nice on a summer day to be driving around Portland in an open air cable car. I miss summer.

Clearly we are big fans of the Living Social, Groupon, Google Offer deals. We get to go on more dates because of them!

My favorite flowers in bloom down the street from my apartment. 

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