The easiest thing you'll ever make: Oreo Truffles

My go to dessert party food are Oreo Truffles. The first time I made these was in Vancouver, BC with my brother, Abby, and some of his friends. It was possibly the funniest disaster of the weekend. Regardless of how they turn out, they are still delicious. I have made them many times since that weekend and they turn out fabulous almost every time. 

I brought mint oreo truffles to the Portland Blogger Christmas Cookie Exchange.
I realize they aren't cookies, but they are delicious and always a hit at parties!

1 bag of Oreos, can use Double Stuff or any flavor, such as Mint or Berry Blast. 
1 rectangle carton of cream cheese, can substitute low fat
About 2-3 cups of candy melting chocolate. Colored chocolate can be found at Michael's. milk and dark can be found in bulk at Winco, named 'Melty chocolate'

step 1: blend or crush the entire bag of oreos

finely ground oreos

step 2: mix in the entire contents of cream cheese {can be done in the mixer or with your hands}

step 3: put aside a very small portion of crushed oreos for garnish
{or use something else for garnish, possibly some edible gold stars or hearts?}

step 4: roll into small balls, the smaller they are, the more you can make. refrigerate for about 10-15 minutes so they hold their shape when dipped in the melted chocolate

melty chocolate

step 5: when using Melty from Winco, microwave for 1 minute at 50% power, stir, melt again for 30 seconds on 50% power, stir, and so on until melted. 

step 6: roll oreo balls in melted chocolate and garnish. move quickly as the chocolate hardens quickly

There you go, SO EASY. Let me know if you have problems! 

ps. I do NOT take credit for inventing these fabulous gems. but they are the only recipe I have ever memorized and continually use with success. So thanks whoever invented these.

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  1. nom nom nom. if i could eat these every day i would. well, but then i'd gain 30 lbs in a week. ok, never mind. i take that statement back.


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