Happy Birthday Abby!

Happy Birthday to my best friend Abby!
I wish I could be with you to celebrate your birthday!
Luckily I was able to send a birthday present to Paris with our friend Taylor recently. I hope you love it!

In honor of Abby's birthday, I will share some photos from our San Francisco road trip this summer.

This summer,  Abby, asked me to join her on a road trip to San Francisco. She had to pick up her Visa for France, and after Liz's wedding, I didn't have much planned. And who wouldn't want a best friend road trip?? Just add it to the list of my amazing summer. 

This is how our trip went:
Drive to Ashland.
Walk around, eat dinner at Sesame, yum yum yum.
Found this cute hotel, maybe next time.
Walk around more, eat salted caramel ice cream at a really cute place.
Walk back to hotel, paint nails, talk about how we think the Poole honeymoon is going. 
Drive to San Fran.
Immediately go shopping at Jeremy's.
Get to Melissa's neighborhood, sit in the park facing the Painted Ladies
Meet up with Melissa, eat at The Grove
Next day, Abby has her Visa appointment, I read The Help at a local Starbucks. 
Shop, Shop, Shop. Zara, Gap, H&M.
To the Wharf! 
Clam Chowder for lunch.
Walking, riding the streetcar, walking.
Site seeing.
Haight Ashbury.
Dinner with Dave and Bree at Grub.
The Bachelor Finale with Melissa. 
Time to leave in the morning. 
In-n-Out on the way home. 
Abby's first time to Black Rock Coffee in Medford.
Drive back in one day. 

A quick and amazing trip!

Abby took a lot of great photos, while I didn't take many for the first time ever. See her first post and second post about the trip. Great photos Ab!

Bree & Dave

eating at Grub in the Mission District

Looking back on it, I am so grateful I got some good quality time with Abby before she left for France. I am so glad she asked me to go, and thanks to Melissa for letting us stay with her! Wish it could have been for longer, but now I am just looking forward to the next trip down there.

I hope you're having the biggest time traveling in Prague and Budapest! (is her life real? amazing!!)

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  1. I forgot how great those pics are! Miss summer and Abs of course.


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