Let talk about: Bargains

Shirt&Watch: Target, Sweater: Old Navy, Pants&Shoes: BDG Urban Outfitters, Necklace: J.Crew

Christmas gift from Bree! Gold Iphone case from J.Crew!

Sometimes I wonder how bloggers can afford to buy new clothes and accessories all the time. {I realize a lot of them can afford it because blogging is their job or in addition to their job!} But for those of us that aren't profesh bloggers...

The way I do it is by finding great deals. Shocking, I know. I rarely buy things full price, always love coupons, groupons, and sales. 

This shirt was purchased from the little boys section of Target. It's the second navy and white plaid shirt I've bought from that section. The other is a big plaid print. Price: $12.99

The sweater was marked down to $10 at Old Navy. I also used a Groupon to buy it. 

My pants were on sale online at Urban for $9.99. 

My necklace was marked $29.99 at J.Crew and everything on sale was 30%. Also at J.Crew they have a 15% student discount and 15% discount for teachers (I'm glad I'll be able to use Jeff's discount once he is a teacher and I'm no longer a student!). They don't always combine discounts but I rarely leave J.Crew without using a discount. Price: $21.00

The shoes are the only thing I paid full price and that is because I bought them for Liz's wedding! Well worth the $48 for the shoes. 

So all in all, my outfit was $102. 

Soon I will share about some fabulous bargains I found the day after Christmas. Anyone else find some great deals?

inspired by this look via Madewell:

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