A million miles each direction

So it's the end of 'dead week'. meaning the week before finals. meaning I am really busy with school stuff.
I've been trying to run in the mornings to get more fit. 
I have my internship that I am getting more involved with. 
I go to my grandparent's house once a week for dinner
I also go to Jeff and Kristen's apartment on Wednesdays for TV night. Some of their friends {now my friends as well} Patrick and Nathan, as well as Leslie and Jennifer, both camp people, come too. We usually watch Top Chef, Work of Art, and sometimes American's Next Top Model.

So with all that, I am busy. And anyone who knows me, knows I won't give up social time to study or work on school stuff. Some might say I need to check my priorities, but I think I'm doing just fine. It's almost embarrassing how productive I am when I am super busy. By embarrassing, I mean, I get absolutely nothing done when I am not busy.

Like I said, I am social and I get my energy from being around people during the week. It's important for me to be building friendships in Portland, it makes me feel more and more like it's my home. I'm putting down roots! I went to a Portland dentist, bought a groupon for a haircut at Bouffant Salon (I'm still getting my hair cut in Salem which is hard to schedule to say the least, time to find a Portland place), and I'm making friends!

 I'm also trying to get more involved with the Portland Blogging Community. I've already met some people, and 'met' some people through their blogs. I'm looking forward to a blogger meet up this weekend. I haven't been able to attend any of the previous ones, so this should be fun! I'll be sure to bring my camera and share photos on Monday.
 Even though I've lived here for over a year, I am finally starting to feel like this is my town and I don't want to be anywhere else. 
Now I just want people to come visit me!

This weekend I am hoping to get ALL my work done as soon as possible. Once I do that, I am hoping to take a lot of photos while the sun is out, hang out with Jeff, hang out with my friend Leslie, go the Portland Blogger Meet up, blog, clean my room, paint my nails, and get some holiday presents organized!

Here are some instagram photos from this week.
Date at La Buca in NE Portland
Thursday's outfit, running outfit, street cleaning day and SUN!
Instagrammed photos used in the app PicStitch to make collages.
I also got a new app called picfx and it gives my photos those pretty light spots.

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