Playing Blog Catch Up

Happy Christmas Eve and the fifth night of Hanukkah!

{I'm playing catch up, hence the two instagram posts in a row!}

cookies from the cookie exchange

spontaneous dinner at dove vivi on the east side

i've wanted to eat here ever since i saw the heart sign!

wall inside dove vivi

sausage, green pepper pizza and bulgari san pellegrino!

free jamba cards

mail from paris!

thank you abby!

first night of hanukkah

hanukkah present from jeff

haircut at Bouffant Salon in the Pearl District thanks to a Groupon

Dinner at Violetta thanks to Groupon

Gift tree from Leslie, ornaments from Ikea, Urban Outfitters and Starbucks

love it

a sweet card and an old navy gift card from my friend Jaime!

Pioneer Place in downtown

Chanukkah Menorah in Director's Park

One house close to Jeff's house


iced chai

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