gold confetti art

inspired by this and this I made this:

Supplies needed:
Canvas, any size
Sparkly or colored scrapbook paper, can be found at Craft Warehouse or Michael's
1" circle punch
Glue or adhesive {I used Mod Podge}
 Step 1: Punch circles

 Step 2: Organize circles
 Step 3: Glue on; if using Mod Podge, the circles might have a tough time staying flat, in which I just placed something heavy on top of the canvas while it dried.
 Step 4: Hang on wall! There you go, one of the easiest crafts I've found on Pinterest!


  1. love it! i also was coveting the photo i saw and had a feeling it was easy! thank you for the tutorial. lovely plate- i have the SAME ONE! how strange! x


  2. So great!! I will have to try this one of these days!


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