My Holiday

Christmas celebration at my Auntie's house. 

sibs, Kate, Dave, Me
Cousins, Kate, Dave, me, Cousin Cole
My fam! Kate {sister}, Dave {Brother}, Steve {Dad}, Me, Jan {Mom}
Jeff & Me

Morning mimosas, manicures, muffins, at Meaghan's house. Lovely!
Jordan pouring the champagne

Jordan & Liz
Jordan, Liz, Meg
{We Love Stripes}
Me, Meg, Liz, Jordan
{Stripes, necklaces, scarves, all unplanned. This is why we're best friends.}

Small gathering to eat Latkes!

Kate & Becca behind her {Jeff's sister}

More Stripes & Sequins!
Alyssa, Jordan, Meg, Liz, Me

Brent & Liz
Meg, Nat, Jordan
Alyssa & Kyle
Becca & Amelia playing Kinect!
Camp ladies; Me, Becca, Becca, Amelia, Kristen

Amelia's new harmonica necklace
Camp friends! Bullphrog, Gumby, Tazo, Foxx, Simon, Pancakes (me), Milk Dud

Walk at Minto Brown Park with my parents & Zoey

I had a great week in Salem! I saw best friends, had lots of family time, ate at all my favorite places, drank lots of coffee, got everything I wanted on my wishlist {I am so lucky!}, played a lot of Dance Central 2 on the Kinect, had an amazing New Year's Eve, and enjoyed relaxing with Jeff before our busy terms start. 
I hope everyone had a great holiday and New Year's Eve!

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