Pop of Color

Here is one more hot pink accessory! 
I dream of this one from ban.do, but at a fraction of the price, this one from forever 21 is amazing!
Anyone know where I could find a similar light pink one?
Dress worn as shirt: No label from Buffalo Exchange, Skirt: No Label thrifted, tights: Hue, Booties: F21,
Clutch: American Apparel, Belt: Target, Flower Pin: F21, Bracelets: F21, Target, J.Crew, Gifts, Watch: Gift Fossil

Things I got this weekend: 
Clutch via American Apparel {purchased with my College Budget deal from this post}, necklace from my mom,  I <3 You vases, two pairs of Dolce Vita look-a-like wedges {purchased for Liz, since Bend Target was out of her size}, clearance grey wedges for me {all from Target}

How was your weekend? Any fabulous deals or finds?


  1. Molly and I hit up target too! She got the black boots you got for Liz and we got fur pillows... $12.48 or something. I'm sure Molly will blog them later.

  2. Oh my gosh I totally thought that was ban.do the first time I saw that pic!!! Thank goodness for Forever!!!


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