San Francisco bound!

Exciting news!
My best friend, Liz, and I are headed to San Francisco the weekend before my birthday! 

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It all happened so fast, I am so excited! Liz will already be there for a conference and I will meet her there when she is done. She has never been there before and I can't wait to see the city with her! {I have been to SF many times. twice last year, once with my mom, and once with Abby. My brother lived there for many years and recently moved back!}

Sadly our friend from our London study abroad, Melissa, won't be there to be our host and tour guide. We will get to see my Brother, Dave, and Future Sister-in-Law, Bree, and I'm excited for everything!

Things I want to do:
clam chowder in bread bowls
golden gate bridge photo op
crown & crumpet tea time
shopping at Zara {or at least window shopping and pretending we're back in Europe}
lombard street
drink coffee
have best friend time
maybe run into some of my favorite bloggers?
and probably many other things I'm forgetting

Please feel free to comment with suggestions! Also taking suggestions about where to stay for a relatively cheap price!

ps. thanks Alaska Airlines for having cheap flights!


  1. How fun! I wish I had suggestions on restaurants/things to do, but I've only been to San Francisco for a day, and barely touched the surface of sight seeing. Urbanspoon.com is always a good idea to find great restaurants in any city.

  2. the forever 21 is like 3 stories high... that's an experience in itself! have fun girlies!! -- Alex

  3. Ugh I love SF! One of my fav places. Bourbon and Branch is a SUPER cool bar or you can eat there too. Lots of cool history there with a great ambiance. You even need a "secret" password to get in!

    Nicole Marie


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