When I first heard about BaubleBar from big time bloggers, I was skeptical. I figured it would all be out of my price range. I didn't really look at it (for fear of falling in love with things I can't afford!) for a long time. Then Bloomspot had a deal for $25 for $50 or $50 for $100. I decided to look around the site and see if it was worth it. I was right, I fell in love with BaubleBar. As much as I would love to have bought the more $$ deal, I went conservative and bought the $25 for $50. Once I bought it, I had to decide what to get! Check it out, the Bloomspot deal is still available for 3 days!
The Bloomspot deal would be a great gift too!

Want an invite to Baublebar? Click here! It's an interesting site. Tons of product ranging in price. You get points for inviting people, points for the amount of money you spend, and those points add up to get free baubles from The Vault. If you sign up for the Buried Bauble clues, a separate hint by email, you could find a piece of jewelry marked down to $10 on the site! Buried Baubles happen on Friday mornings, so sign up and get ready for Friday!

::Some items I'm considering::

::Beautiful and out of Budget::
{Anything rose gold} 

{Anything personalized}
Twitter name! Too funny. If only I had a cool twitter name!

What should I get?


  1. This is so awesome, thanks for sharing! I'm loving the 'Sea-Foam Cable Necklace', or I think you should go for a 'Personalized Necklace'! Thank 'Rose Gold Links' bracelet is gorgeous.

  2. Oh wow, the pieces you picked out are so cute! I love the sea foam color one. I haven't tried bauble bar either so I'm gonna have to look into that!


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