Blowout:: A Blow Dry Bar

It's no secret that I love my hair.
It's no secret that I love girly things.
It's no secret that I love getting dressed up for anything and everything.
It's no secret that I love getting pampered and trying new cute places.

photo via Blowout Facebook page

These are all reasons I can't wait to try Blowout, A Blow Dry Bar. Until Saturday I had only heard of Dry Bars in fancy cities like LA etc. That was until I walked out of The Louisa {where the Portland Blogger Brunch was held, in The Pearl}, looked across the street, and Blowout was staring right back at me. I knew I had to try it immediately. Ok immediately is a strong word. I am thinking {hoping} I will get a chance to try it around my birthday.

So, what is a blow dry bar? It's a hair salon for fancy shampoos, fun blow dries, adorable styling, even makeup. No haircuts, just styling!

The cool thing about Blowout, is they have gift certificates {hint, hint, anybody}, twofer tuesdays {two for one! friend time!}, and mimosa sundays {yum!}.

Has anyone been? Once I go, I'll be sure to post about my experience!

Ps. just looking through their photos on their website and facebook page, I know I will have a great time. Jeff would just roll his eyes and say something like "It looks like your brain exploded in here" or "They know their target well" or "That would be perfect for you and Liz", all said in a loving way and with a smile, of course. And all true.


  1. I've gone to Blowout Bar twice, and it is AMAZING! They use Moroccan Oil, offer you wine, and do wonders with your hair! I really want to go back soon because now they offer braids, and fun colors to put in your hair that wash out! So, SO, SO AMAZING!

    1. Justine, I love love that you've been there! I'm so glad to hear a good review, I am so excited to try it!!

  2. I love Blowout bar! They are a great service! WeVillage offers free childcare on Mondays!


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