Flowers for Valentine's Day

I love Valentine's Day. One thing I don't especially love are the red roses that men are trained to think are the right gift on the love day. Don't get me wrong, I think there is a time and a place for red roses, I know some people love them any day and every day {they will be beautiful in Jeff's brother's wedding!}. However, they aren't really ME. I think flowers are a great gift on Valentine's Day, I would much prefer a bouquet of hydrangeas or peonies. or a mix!
Someday I hope to be financially stable enough to buy myself flowers once in a while to have around the house. A girl can dream right?

Ladies, do people know your favorite kind of flower? Here are some fun places to find a great bouquet:

Sammy's Flowers {love the name!}, one location in The Pearl District, and one location on NW 23rd

Ink & Peat over on the East Side of Portland

Adelman Peony Gardens {not open until May, but good to know about!}

Other great places for flowers; Portland State Farmer's Market on Saturdays, Fred Meyer {They often have a great selection of hydrangeas and other pretty flowers!}, or Pike Place Market if you're in Seattle.

Last spring at PSU Farmer's Market, my three faves all in one! Peonies, Hydrangeas, Calla

Recently, Jeff told me at the beginning of out relationship I told him I don't want him to get me flowers. I set him straight. I think what I probably said is don't get me roses.. who knows what else I told him not to get me!


  1. awww yeah. peonies are where it's at! although, if a boy gave me a bouquet of roses, i wouldn't resist. heck, if a boy gave me any kind of gift i think i'd tackle him with a big and a kiss.

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