Friday Flares

Happy Friday!

I love clothes because I feel like they are memories and often have a story. This is why I have such a hard time parting with anything in my closet. Let me tell you about my outfit. It's ok if you don't read it, I know it may be boring to some. But here we go..

Jacket:: A favorite, I debated for a long time whether I should buy this because it was expensive. I decided to open a J.Crew card to get more discounts, and paid it off right away. It's proved one of my favorite pieces. Sometimes it is worth it to pay a little more for quality. I bought it right before going on a east coast trip with my dad two summers ago.

Pins:: Lion from New York Public Library, Key from H&M while shopping in NY with my dad. When I worked in an elementary school last year, the kids always asked what the key was for, why I had a lion and why I was wearing a giraffe (necklace not pictures), and if my watch was real gold. So many sweet questions!

Sweater:: Purchased with an Old Navy gift card from my dear friend Jaime. She sent me a holiday card saying "I like to support your habits". Now that's a good friend. 

Shirt:: Purchased last weekend using some Old Navy Super Cash. Good idea with that Super Cash stuff, Old Navy, you get me. 

Necklace:: Bought from Anthropologie last year after seeing it on Pinterest. It's a little finicky, doesn't always lay right and I had to replace the clasp because it's so heavy. BUT I need to wear it more because it is so lovely.

Flares:: SO comfortable. Waited for a long time for these to go on sale as well. Such a good purchase. They are thin and stretchy, without showing too much.

Purse:: My bursting at the seams, book bag/carry-all/favorite bag ever. Purchased in Paris from Galeries Lafayette, a giant department store with a McDonald's on the top floor. I almost bought the smaller one, and at the last minute, decided on the larger one. BEST decision ever. Luckily you can't see the corners starting to fray in photos.. guess I better go back to Paris and get another one!

Shoes:: Can't see them, so who cares. 


  1. Love, Love, Love this outfit. The bun, the wide legged jeans, the necklace!!

  2. I am LOVING this outfit!! Super cute and fun! The jacket is awesome.

    Nicole Marie


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