Happy Birthday Jeff!

Since Jeff's birthday is today {Wednesday} I chose to take him on a surprise date last Saturday. I took him to the Full Sail Brewery in Hood River. We took the tour, got two free pint glasses, and had dinner. The brewery tour was really fun and interesting. The food was good, and the views were beautiful. It was freezing in Hood River so we didn't do much walking around, like I hoped. We did drive right back to Portland and buy Jeff a brand new puffy jacket though.

{You can tell where I had my real camera vs. my phone/Jeff's phone}

Then I took him to Salt & Straw on Alberta for some ice cream. Jeff loves ice cream! It was packed and fun to try a new place. Jeff had the chocolate with brownie and I had the coffee. So yum!

Happy Birthday to a wonderful man! I am so grateful to have such a sweet, kind, supportive and thoughtful person in my life. Thanks for loving me. 

Tonight, I think we are celebrating his birthday at our favorite Lebanese restuarant, Nicholas'

Just so you all know, Jeff has been asking and asking to guest post on here, and he might just get it since it's his birthday. I love birthdays :o) look for that coming up!

ps. here is a really cute photo of the two of us from Liz's wedding. I just found this, from Erich McVey Photography. 


  1. How fun! I should do this for Eric, he loves beer! P.S love the photo of you two from Liz's wedding.

  2. It was fun to see you again this past weekend! I loved your adorable outfit!!!

    Keep in touch!

    <3 Denise


  3. I love Hood River! There are so many great little shops there. What a fun birthday!

  4. ooh i want that burger!



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