instagram weekend

 glasses, a magazine from a friend in class, brownie bite made by auntie, collaging notebooks
 gift wrapping a present for a housewarming party, sheets from Urban Outfitters
 TV night dinner at Namaste Indian Buffet, sour things to try a tablet that changes your taste buds to taste sour things as sweet
 potential Valentine's Day nails, my daily makeup, my lipsticks
 Bouffant Salon in NW Portland, manicure, outfits
 J.Crew bag to hold memory cards, fro-yo, Lucky Lab Beer Hall in NW Portland, Outfit
Dora {Jeff's Brother's dog}, cute things from Michael's, Old Navy shopping, Old Navy purchases


  1. Love this! You are so cute. Looks like an amazing weekend :]

  2. Wow, a very colorful post!! Love your blog doll.


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