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Jordan and Liz threw a bridal shower for Kristin this weekend. They chose a pink and red theme, similar to the shower I threw for liz {seen here}, but took it one themed step further. They requested everyone dress in pink and red as well. Perfect!

 I made some yummy red velvet cupcakes

 Liz and I made marshmellow pops, so easy, so pretty, so delicious

 Liz, Jordan, Me
 Neccessary items in any party planning process

 Jordan and Liz
 Me and Liz
 The Bride to be arrives! Kristin in the amazing sequin shirt, I was obsessed with her outfit!
Cara, Liz, Alex, Kristin, Becca, Jordan

 Love this so much
Gorgeous ring!

Beautiful sisters, Kristin & Becca

 Liz the Matron of Honor and Becca the Maid of Honor with Kristin
 Bridal Party

 What beautiful and stylish sisters, loved both their outfits so much

 Allison, Kristin, Melissa
I made Kristin a heart of gold, it was so easy and I think she really liked it!

Jordan, Kristin, Liz, Me

What a delight helping to set up this shower for Kristin! This time last year Kristin and I were planning a shower for Liz, and here we are at Kristin's first bridal shower! It was such a fun time, a great group of girls, great food, and everything looked so amazing. Everyone looked so amazing too! 
I am so happy for Kristin and her fiance Michael. I can't wait to see how their wedding turns out, I know it will be absolutely beautiful and full of love. 


  1. the spread looks so pretty! and yummy! great party!

  2. You ladies are so cute! Love the red and pink theme, so girly. I have to ask, where is the pink statement necklace from (3rd photo)?

    1. Crystalin, the necklace is from Nordstrom, a few years ago though. It's my best friend's, and she has a teal one too, I'm very jealous :o)

  3. Love your outfit and everyone else's too! Everything looks so fab! Love the pink, red and sparkles. Great job!


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