New Baubles

You might have noticed some new items in my post yesterday!

Remember this post about Bauble Bar? I chose this necklace and I am already so happy with my choice.

I purchased this Spike The Punch Bracelet on a whim, and again, I'm loving it. At first I wanted the purple one, but then I saw the pink one and it was half the price of the purple one, I knew it was a good sign.
plus, the packaging is SO cute!
{outfit preview for tomorrow!}

This gold sweater! I have already worn it twice since buying it. I have a theory that if I wear something new immediately, it's a good buy.
If I don't wear it right away or choose to 'save it' for something special {unless I have to save it for some reason, like an wedding}, it will sit around for ever and I won't wear it. I try not to save things, things I categorize as 'special' or 'fancy' end up being put on a pedestal and don't get worn much. Sometimes it makes sense to have special items like fancy dresses and heels, but I try to make regular days special by wearing fancy and fun things.

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