Patience, Confidence, and Time Management

A few months back my best friend, Liz, asked me how she can pray for me.

This is not something we ask each other, so I was taken aback by this question. It shouldn't be surprising, Liz and I have been best friends for about ten years and I've always heard her or her family say to people 'I'll be praying for you, or how can I pray for you'. But it's never really come up between us. I'm glad she felt comfortable to ask me. While Liz and I are very different in religious views, we've always been fully supportive and embracing of each other no matter what. I realized no one had ever asked me a question like this, and since I don't ask other people this question, I had to take some time to think about it. I was very touched that she asked me to think about it. 

After I thought about it, I decided to ask her to pray for patience, confidence, and time management. I realized that a lot of the stress I bring on myself comes down to these three aspects in my life. Now that I have talked to her about those three things, I think about them a lot more. I think about how I will never be perfect at those three, but I like being aware of them. It gives me some focus when I am trying to control my stress. 

Thanks Liz, for always supporting me, inspiring me, and being my best friend!
And thanks for asking.

PS. She is a really good writer {much better than I am!} and I am trying to get her to do a guest post on here. Any suggestions for what she could write about? I know she will love that I am asking this :o)

double PS. I am seeing a bunch of lovely ladies, Liz included, this weekend! She is throwing a bridal shower for another one of her best friends and bride to be, Kristin! Liz and Jordan are the hostesses with the mostess this weekend and I can't wait to make some cupcakes for the party!

Me, Jordan, Liz, Kristin & Cupid

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