The Pearl

On Sunday Jeff suggested we go on a walk. I love going on walks! He suggested we go to the pearl, a park, or hipster portland. I don't know where he thought hipster Portland is.. it's everywhere, but I think he meant somewhere on the east side. I chose The Pearl! I live so close and rarely go over there. It was so nice to walk around outside, it's been really rainy lately so we had to take advantage of clear skies.

I did a double take when I walked past this. I didn't know what it is but I was interested. Looked it up and it was exactly what I was hoping.. Portland Closet Company specializes in custom organization and storage solutions. I'll keep that in mind for later in life..

Tanner Springs Park

Tanner Springs Park

 We started our walk with coffee, hot cocoa, and a cinnamon roll at Sisters Coffee Co. 
Cool display at the Keen store

Want to go here! Salt Grotto
They usually have a Groupon Now deal and you can go for free on your birthday! This is where the walk turned into making a list of places I want to try sometime. 
For obvious reasons..
 busy place!
 Obviously, but you already knew that
 New sustainable apartment building going up, The Janey
Never been, sometime soon though Caffe Umbria
Portland City Grill in the pink building in the distance
I like your corner
I like the type in the windows
Rooftop bar
Bling Dental? you had me at Bling and hearts in the window. 
I really don't need a new dentist though.
 Very patiently waiting for me to take tons of photos of everything we pass, and he didn't even know I was taking his photo too
My fave, hydrangeas, Madonna loathes them
Nice arch
Lookin good Jeff
Had to finally try Kettleman Bagel Company before they are taken over by Noah's. 
Verdict: Very good, will go again. 

Where are your favorite places in The Pearl?


  1. Love the little tour of the Pearl! I love Umbria coffee:) Um, is Noah's really taking over Kettleman's? What a shame!

  2. Oh Sami, I should have spotted you since you were circling the area.

  3. Oh, love the pearl :) Miss that place. And Bling Dental is the best dentist in the world!! I went there when I lived in the pearl and you would be obsessed! Sparkles and diamonds everywhere inside!

  4. Your outings look so fun! Also, super cute banner. I have really been enjoying your blog.

    Take care,

  5. Umbria is good. Wander across the street the Design Within Reach and check out the Cellula crystal chandelier. SOOO pretty (and expensive!)


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