Sequins & Shorts

I've really been loving these jean shorts lately. 
Shirt: Target, Sweater: Lauren Conrad for Kohl's, Shorts: Gap, Tights: Hue,
Shoes: Steve Madden, Watch: Sophia via BP Nordstrom, Bracelets: Forever 21
Necklaces: J. Crew and vintage

 Walking around the Pearl District in Portland is so enjoyable on a nice day.

ps. whoa, I have a new banner!
I am still working on formatting my blog how I want to, but for now, what do you think?
I made it myself! let me remind you: computers are hard.
it was not easy and not perfect but I needed an update!


  1. You're so adorable! Love the banner. I wish I was tech savvy enough to make a banner!

  2. Cute outfit! Love your nails.
    I love walking around the Pearl District too. :)

  3. nice:)

    visit me:) please


  4. Those shorts are so cute! Also, really fun nails! I'm going to have to try that sometime :] Very cute outfit, Sam!


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