Valentine's Day Bridal Shower

Happy Happy Day! Happy Valentine's Day! Today is one of my favorite days and believe me, I loved it just as much before Jeff and I were dating. I love it because it reminds me of love, happiness, fun, pink, red, chocolate, yummy treats, friends, and all my girlfriends! 
It's a day to celebrate all the love in your life.

Last year I was a Maid of Honor for my best friend, Liz's, wedding. I was so honored that she asked and I took my role very seriously. I decided to throw a Valentine's Day themed bridal shower since Liz and I both love the day so much. I hit up all the 'day after holiday sales' at Target in preparation for the shower. The shower was in the spring so it was fun to extend our favorite holiday!

Liz's sister was generous enough to host the party in her house. I just showed up with about 10 boxes of decorations and food. Bex moved recently, but it was so nice to have the party in her beautiful home!

ps. has anyone seen the lid to this jar?  lost is somehow in the shuffle of the shower or wedding!

It was such a love filled weekend with best friends. I promise more people showed up than just us four.
Wish I could be celebrating this day with these three!
Don't worry, Jeff and I have fun romantic plans, which I am very excited about!

::Note to future hosts:: 
Don't make this much food! The food was barely touched {even though it was all homemade and delicious!}. My advice is to have a mix of sweet and savory so it's not overloaded on one or the other. 


  1. everything looks so good! I bet it was a blast putting it all together :)

    happy valentines day!



  2. OMG! What a cute party!! I love the yellow table cloth it really compliments the reds and pinks!! Such wonderful detail and your outfit is adorable! LOVE the white skirt!

    <3 Denise


  3. the newspaper rhino head is excellent! this little party looks so bright and festive. you've got mad skills, lady.


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